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Hello Everyone My Name Is JPG YT, And I Create Minecraft Mods/Addons For Everyone To Enjoy! If You Are Interested Make Sure To Subscribe To My Channel For More Daily Content, For You All To Enjoy! 

                 My Projects

    This is my Baldi's Basics Add-On, My Very first Add-On I've Ever posted On My Channel! You Can Go   Check It Out Down Below, It introduces all of the characters from the game, almost. There will be a map being posted soon In the map Tab! Hope you all are excited, Enjoy!

This Is My Pac-Man Add-On, One Of My Best Looking Add-Ons So Far! I Made This Because I love Pac-Man, It's My Favorite Classic Game and I would play it all of the time at the arcade! So I recreated it, in Minecraft! But Then A Day Later After My Video On My Add-On, Minecraft Releases Pac-Mans 40 year Anniversary. Leaving Me In The Dust, And People Now Believing I stole My Add-On. Woohoo! Just The Greatest Thing To Ever Happen To Me! 

This is my Trevor Henderson Creatures Add-On That Introduces Siren Head, Light Head, Cartoon Cat, and Cartoon Dog, And It Has Props From Siren Head. So If You're Into Scary Horror, Then Check This Out Right Now!

This Is The Hello Neighbor 2 Add-On For Minecraft, In Fact, It's The Only Add-On That's Based On Hello Neighbor 2. This Is A Unique Add-On That I've Made Because No One Has Thought About It Yet. So If You Like Horror, And Hello Neighbor, You Will Definitely Like This!

My Projects

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